Stop Motion - Stage 3 Learning

The learning for Creative Arts in Stage 3 this term has been on storytelling through the use of stop-motion - particularly focussing on the thinking and discovery of techniques through active learning. The student reflections have been insightful:

"We learnt that you need to keep the camera in one place because if you don't your video looks messed up." Cash, Oli and Abbi

"When we first did our claymation movie we needed to go back and check and see if we did it correctly. We found that we need to take our pictures closer to our clay figures and consider the lighting." Harry C and Abbi

"What we stared with is much different from what we ended up with. In our first video, we used only 2 books [to sit the iPad on]. What we learnt was to take more than one photo of the scene - if there is only one then the movie goes too fast." Ava, Holly, Lily, Zoe 

"When I made my first claymation I was happy with it but the camera moved around a lot so I made another one. This one wasn't much better, it took 3 days to make and I realised the camera still moved and the lighting changed because it was earlier and later in the day.

I made another one, this one was amazing the camera was fine and it didn't move and the claymation took place on a red wall so the lighting didn't affect my movie, I liked my 3rd claymation but that one was done so I made the 4th one.

This one was realistic and funny the camera was nice and the graphics were good and when my figures moved they didn't slither, it was pixelated." Cash

All of the Stage 3 students have done a remarkable job learning by doing in this unit and I commend them for their creativity, persistence and teamwork. We will share more videos in next week's newsletter as well!

Aleasa Kermode

Assistant Principal