Road Safety Information for Parents

School Zone Information

The speed limit for travelling into our school for drop off and pick up of students is 40km/hour. Please watch the clip below to learn more about 40km/hour zones around our school and when they are enforceable.

Visitor Parking

Please enter and exit the car park with extreme caution and care. Also be aware of children and parents walking to cars already parked. Children being picked up will wait near the school entrance. Parents/guardians are asked to walk over and collect their children from the waiting area and not call children down to their cars. No vehicle is to enter the school playground without permission from the principal or senior teacher. Please note that no child is to be unsupervised in the car park. When parking for after-school pick-up, the first car in should park rear to the old cement wall nearest the school. Other cars should then fill the back row (rear to wall) before beginning to fill the front row. If the car park is full, parents can drive around into the pick-up and drop-off area and wait for their child to come out. This is not an overtaking area; parents will need to wait until the car in front of them has moved off before they move on.

Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters

Children riding to school must remember that wearing a helmet is compulsory and an adult must accompany younger students as required by law. Children must dismount and walk their bikes or scooters into and out of the school car park. Bikes are to be stored in the bike rack. Students who choose to ride to school must complete the bike checklist stated in our Road Safety policy. This is a joint task undertaken with parents to ensure student safety.

For further infomation please review our school website on the address listed below.